Jakoef Jacobs

Submitted by Reinier Stopforth on Mon, 2021-11-08 09:42

Whether at home with the family over weekends, at an auction when the chips are down, or having good conversation while tying up the loose ends of a deal, there is arguably not a more ethical and loyal employee than Jakoef Jacobs.

Jakoef, currently Mining Accounts Manager at Aucor, has walked the walk and talked the talk. His Aucor journey started way back in 2011, a year after the soccer world cup frenzy sent the South African economy into a spiralling boom. A lot has happened in the country since then, including state capture, economic meltdown, political turmoil, and a devastating global pandemic. However, Jakoef Jacobs has stuck to his guns, and in the process elevated himself and Aucor to unimaginable highs.       

When Jakoef reported for his first day at Aucor all those years ago, it was as Yard Manager. Soon after that he became Site Manager, then Operational Manager, and two years ago he was appointed as Mining Accounts Manager (his current position).

So, what is the secret of such resilient staying power, despite all the unexpected challenges along the way?

“I think that being a team player is one of the most important contributions that I could make. Being part of establishing such a great culture at Aucor makes one feel like you belong. I am also extremely loyal, motivated and I always get involved, especially if the team needs some motivation. We have strong leaders within the Aucor structures, and I believe that through leading by example, I have made a significant difference within the company.” 

An auction brings a range of challenges, and according to Jakoef, there is never a dull moment. Therefore, he believes that operating in tandem as a team is essential for the continued success of not only each individual event, but for the business brand as well.

According to Jakoef, planning for a specific auction is a must. “Preparing for a large auction can be exhilarating and exciting, but there are times that it is extremely stressful. Getting the opportunity to dispose of all the massive mining equipment and components is very exciting. But it does become stressful before an auction when there are stringent deadlines and dispatching the parts afterwards. However, writing up the assets, collecting all the information and advertising the event is fun,” says Jakoef. 

Most challenges and problems arise after auctions. These, according to Jakoef, vary from clients being unable to collect their assets to missing or damaged assets when they do arrive on site. Another recurring challenge is that clients arrive at mining sites without making a booking. “All you need to do though, is get involved and handle the situation at hand as not all outcome results are the same,” says Jakoef.  

Jakoef’s top priority when doing business, is building strong relationships with clients. “Relationships are without a doubt absolutely key to a successful business,” he says.

The rest of the Aucor mining team feels the same. “We are a very strong and dedicated team with a single mission. At Aucor, we never judge. We teach and learn,” says Jakoef.