If the global events of the past 24-months haven’t already taken a toll on the generally resilient spirits of the South African public, talk of yet another petrol and diesel price increase is never far from the lips of our administrators. As many families finalise their end-of-year holiday plans, we take a closer look as ways to potentially save fuel along the way.

Volkswagen South Africa has a reputation for making inspired product planning decisions aimed at maximising the appeal of the brand, notable among a value conscious audience. The introduction of the Polo badge to our shores was once such example.

In the past, one of a farmer's most daunting uncertainties was the temperamentality of nature, but these days uncertainty weighs much heavier. However, hope lies on the horizon when a community stands together.

Whether at home with the family over weekends, at an auction when the chips are down, or having good conversation while tying up the loose ends of a deal, there is arguably not a more ethical and loyal employee than Jakoef Jacobs.

The stress associated with shopping for a good deal on any large asset can be eased via the process of pre-approved finance. Long-time Aucor partners Auction Finance is, literally, perfectly placed to add a touch of confidence to a potentially winning bid.

When she walked into her new office at Aucor Auctioneers in the winter of 2013, she didn’t know much about mining or the auctioneering industry. However, Deseree Monyobo has never shied away from a challenge. She has always been keen to learn something new, even if it meant getting her hands dirty.

Aucor Auctioneers is putting a developed property in Postmasburg in the Northern Cape under the hammer from 1 to 6 November 2021. In an investment opportunity of a lifetime the plot offers a possible net income of R1.2 million per year return on investment.

The chanting MD on a mission

While Southern Africa’s largest auction house can share some interesting stories from its 53-years’ worth of trading, to date, the practice of selling items to the highest bidder has been around for just a tad longer.

52-years since its introduction, the success of the Toyota Hilux package continues to carve a path across the South African motoring landscape. As popular as ever as a new car prospect, the Hilux is also one the most common sights on both pre-owned forecourts and, indeed, auction house floors. We explore some highlights of this motoring icon.

The dream of purchasing a new set of wheels at an unbeatable price can leave consumers exposed to unscrupulous fraudsters. The appeal of online auctions has unwittingly provided a platform for some of these scams – so here’s how to safeguard against them.

Now that you’re familiar with the jargon and process, it’s time to unlock the potential of the online auction

Now that you are ready to participate in an auction via your mobile phone or laptop, here’s what you need to know before getting started

Long before we were asked to stay indoors, Aucor – southern Africa's largest auction house – was gearing itself towards offering a comprehensive online service.  

"It's a double-edged sword," according to Managing Director of Aucor's Bloemfontein office, Jacques van der Linde. "On one hand, we certainly miss the atmosphere and excitement generated by a live auction, yet on the other, there's no denying that the online space in which we're currently mandated to operate has opened the auction experience to a significantly broader audience."   


06 July 2021 - One of the most efficient diamond processing plants in South Africa will come under the hammer on Thursday 15 July 2021, when Aucor Auctioneers closes the bid to sell the entire plant once used at the now defunct Voorspoed diamond mine.

Voorspoed was one of diamond giant De Beer’s flagship projects at the time. Construction of the R1.3-billion project got underway in February 2007 and De Beers started sorting diamonds in 2008. Ramp-up activities began in July 2008.
Mining & Construction Auction

10 June 2021 – Mining auctions used to be a great place where miners met while looking for the best equipment at the lowest prices. Covid-19 interrupted the face-to- face networking, however, buying high quality equipment on digital platforms, have never been easier.