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Valuation Services

Aucor offers unique business solutions with our excellent asset valuation services. Our team of experts work with a set of refined methodologies that provide clients with comprehensive and effective valuations to determine the ideal estimated worth of loose assets, intangible assets and liabilities.

The range of professional valuation services that we offer are consistent with our established ethical norms. Our consultancy practice strives to provide thorough research, proficient analysis and sound, trustworthy advice for insurance, liquidation and debt rescue purposes.


We want you to know how the total payment amount of your purchase is calculated. Use this calculator to determine how commission, auction house fees and VAT are added to a winning bid amount.

Did you know?

The hammer price refers to the โ€˜winning bidโ€™ amount. Once the bidding process is over, a โ€˜buyerโ€™s premiumโ€™ is added to the hammer price. The hammer price + buyerโ€™s premium gives you the final total payment amount.

Aucor Finance

Aucor wants to make the process of bidding and buying as pleasant as possible; therefore, we have teamed up with well-known financing companies to give you peace of mind that you will have the necessary funds available when bidding at an auction.

Finance Process

Pre-approved finance is arranged prior to an auction. Knowing that your finance is in place will allow you to bid with absolute confidence. The deposit, interest rate and amount of time you have to pay back the loaned money differs from bank to bank.

Finance is available on site, on the day of the auction. Simply visit one of our financing consultants to arrange finance.

Why Aucor Finance

We Provide Personal Service
We have specialised consultants on site to guide you through the auction finance process.ย 

We Provide Finance on the day of the Auction
Consult with one of our helpful solicitors to get finance on the day of the auction.ย 

Weโ€™ve Teamed Up with the Best Finance Companies
We can help you organise finance with either ABSA, WesBank or Standard Bank. We will also be working with MFC Bank and BMW Financial Services soon.

Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics is one of the biggest and most diverse industries in Africa and an integral part of the auction industry. Aucor wants to ensure that you use legitimate transport and logistics services. Below are the courier and shipping agents that we trust and suggest that you use.

Sell with Aucor

Sell your trucks, construction equipment and other assets at our next auction.ย 

Why should you sell with Aucor, Africaโ€™s leading auction house?ย 

  1. We guarantee a hassle free process
  2. We provide a quick turnaround time
  3. We do all the hard work for you
  4. You can leverage off our huge database of buyers and sellers and extensive marketing campaigns.
  5. We attract hundreds buyers to each of our auctions.

We work alongside you to determine the perfect selling price of your auction item. We will not sell the item at less than the selling price you are expecting, unless you are willing to confirm the sale.