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In good news for domestic cricket, Aucor have extended their contract as team partner for the Multiply Titans cricket team for an additional year.

Aucor has shown an invested interest in the development of local cricket in South Africa. ย Not only have they maintained a positive investment in the Multiply Titans, but they also have an invested interest at a community level by supporting the local IPL tournaments being held in Durban and Lenasia.

Auction House

South Africaโ€™s auctioneering market is poised for a shift as auctions grow in popularity over traditional retail sales platforms against a backdrop of credit ratings downgrades and news that the country has slipped into a recession

Auction House

South African Law stipulates that any purchaser coming to an auction and buying goods is required to produce certain documents as laid down by the FICA regulations and the National Credit Act. As such the team at Aucor require that you have all your documentation on hand before we can process your deposit at any auction and issue you with a bidderโ€™s card. We also may not release any goods to any buyer that has not been able to comply with the FICA requirements.ย