Frequently asked questions

What do repo vehicles sell for or how much does a car cost?

There is no set price at which vehicles are sold for on auction. In all cases the price is determined by bidding on the day of the auction. Brand, condition and mileage always play a role.

Is the auctioneer going to open the bidding at retail value? Or where will bidding open/start?

Definitely not. The auctioneer usually takes the lead from the prospective bidders in obtaining a reasonable starting bid.

When is payment due?

Payment must be made before close of business on the day of the auction. You may deduct the deposit already paid from the total invoice amount. The full amount can be paid by EFT, bank or bank guaranteed cheque or cash deposit into our bank account. (Kindly note: Cash deposits carry a deposit fee which is for your account). We do not accept credit/debit cards for full payment nor any cash on site.

Can we pay cash on site?

No, we do not accept cash on site. You can, however, deposit cash into one of our bank accounts. Kindly note that cash deposits carry a deposit fee which is for your account.

I do not want the car anymore, but my friend wants to purchase it:

Your friend can pay the vehicle, but the registration documents and invoice will be in your name.Β  You and your friend will have to sort it out between the two of you. No invoice may be amended.

I cannot pay for the vehicle?

Nothing is sold subject to the availability of funds or finance.Β  You will lose your R10,000.00 deposit, you will be blacklisted and you will not be able to buy at any future Aucor auctions.

Can my invoice be amended?

Unfortunately not.You must make sure you complete the buyer’s card correctly when registering. Under no circumstances may any invoice be amended.

Is it possible to split my invoice?

No, invoices are not allowed to be split.

Are there any guarantees?

Free of duty to repair.

What happens if a vehicle is not sold on the auction?

The vehicle must come on auction again.