Buy your next car on auction: here’s why

Submitted by Aucor on Thu, 2017-06-15 10:57
Vehicle Auction

Get your hands on the car you’ve always wanted! If the car of your dreams is just out of your reach, visit one of our auctions and you will leave with an amazing deal.

Aucor holds auctions for both reposed vehicles and supercars, giving you the chance to buy the quality vehicle you want at a lower price.

 How so? Well, the bank repossesses cars when owners fail to make monthly installments, and these cars get sent off to public auctions- and better yet, some of these cars are still brand new.

Benefits of buying repossessed cars at one of our auctions:

  1. 1. Get a great deal

Repossessed cars sold at auctions are usually a lot cheaper than first and second-hand cars sold at dealerships. This is because these cars are sold to cover a loss as opposed to gain a major profit. Also, auction houses want to sell these cars as quickly as possible to make space for new cars!

  1. 2. Get a quality car

Repossessed cars are not sold because of age or poor functionality. Some of the cars sold at an auction are still brand new and in tip-top condition.

This is also ideal for business owners looking to purchase a fleet of vehicles. You can save time and money by purchasing from an auction.

  1. 3. Find the car of your dreams

Besides everyday cars, you can also bid for vintage cars and supercars at an auction. An auction is the perfect place to find the gem you have been looking for!

Join one of our auctions             

You can’t go wrong when participating with a renowned auction company that has a good reputation- we have been providing the best quality and service to our customers for many years.

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