Aucorโ€™s auction tips for first-time heavy equipment buyers

Submitted by Aucor on Thu, 2017-06-15 10:44
Mining & Construction Auction

Aucor provides contractors with the ideal auction arena to buy and sell quality used mining equipment and rolling stock.

Most mining businesses have had to make major adjustments in how they buy and sell mining equipment. A few years ago, equipment producers sold enough mining equipment to maximise their profits; four years later, most of the high priced equipment is sitting idle.

Did you know: of the 42 000 haul trucks in the world, 35% are currently gathering dust?ย 

This type of issue has caused a big turnover at heavy equipment auctions. Equipment such as haul trucks, screening plants crushers and excavators are being sold at auction houses in South Africa. It benefits both buyer and seller:

  • Buyer can purchase equipment that is barely used, yet more affordable.
  • Sellers can get rid of equipment that they no longer use.

As the lifeblood of the mining industry, purchasing the correct mining equipment is crucial for increasing production, expanding products, enhancing safety and boosting profits.ย 

We want all buyers and sellers to get the best deals at our auctions. To ensure that your experience at one of our auctions runs as smoothly as it should, we have three important pointers to share with our first-time heavy equipment buyers:

Consider the age of the equipment you are bidding on

Find out how old the equipment is and how many hours it was used for, and decide if this is in line with your expectations.ย 

The older the equipment is, the more likely that it will need replacement parts and repairs in due time. However, this does not mean you should not purchase older equipment; a bargain is still a bargain. You just need to make sure you are aware of any near-future repairs so that your purchase does not interfere with your project timeline.ย 

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Make sure the parts of the equipment are easy enough to find

At some point or another, all equipment may present minor problems. Do research before you buy a specific machine: can you set financial provisions for replacing parts in the future? Well-known brands have easy-to-find parts as well as qualified repairmen who are capable of installing them.

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